Beneath the blue sky

and above the ground

lies the secret that no one found.


Faith and Hope makes it all true

Dead rests in peace

And the Living shall no none of these


Rising through the Ashes

in an endless bound

Breathes the Immortal 

That no one Found.




The Allure of Darkness

Fear the Unknown for it is to be feared

Hopes turned into despair

Dark it is that consumes us all

Hide behind the strongest doors.


Fate of the Devil

Shadows lurking behind the doors
Darkness penetrating through the soul
The Devil with the red horns
Stands behind the Broken soul.

Light through the window consumed by the unknown
Mysterious is thyself, hidden in places
Waiting to be known.

Devil was once an angel said the boy
Guilt consuming him from inside
Tears in his eyes, a smile on his face
And a blood stained knife hidden in it’s place.

The Unknown

Walking in the dark on a trail she has never seen before. Winds rumbling and the clouds cluttering.

How far could her tiny little frame go? The noises becoming louder and louder with every single step.

Light shines from a distance piercing through her soul. Some things are better left unsaid and some things are better left undiscovered. 

Difficult it is for the heart to know or not know something. 

Tracing the path she had travelled she walked in the rain away from the unknown.

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